Spray Paint and Turtle Backpacks

Otakon in 16 days!!

awesome, but blurry photo

I had to get that off my mind, I’m just so darn excited about it! In the next couple of days I should ramp up my anime watching so I at least know what some of the cosplay stuff is. I got my ninja turtle backpack finally. It’s so sweet. Please see blurry photo for reference. It’s quite roomy on the inside and seemingly very sturdy. I plan on taking it to college but my primary purpose for it is Okaton. Did I mention it came with all four masks? They are felt and I probably could have made them myself if I weren’t so DIY lazy, but I was getting the backpack anyways so it was an added bonus. Call me a nerd, but if you watched this TV show when you were younger, you’re probably incredibly envious.

I really should write more often, because I have more things to say, than patience to write it all down. Eli can now grab his ankle and bring his foot to his mouth. I have to make sure to keep his feet clean even though he can’t walk. What I want to know is how can his feet be so dirty if he’s just doing butterfly kicks? He also sticks his tongue out quite profusely which is adorable. It’s so crazy that less then four months ago, he couldn’t do anything. 

In other news, I finally got around to painting my table and chairs. They were all sanded and ready to go, but I just couldn’t get around to doing it. In retrospect, I can see why. It took much longer than I was expecting (it’s always that way I know, I just can’t help but underestimate my own inefficiency). Also, it was hot and I was wearing latex gloves so I wouldn’t ruin my nails (ugh, I’ve become that person I know). The hard work paid off though; the whole ensemble looks very bright and cheerful. I need to lightly sand the top of the table and put a coat of varnish on it, but I’m pretending at the moment that I’m never going to scratch it.

I know I only have three chairs

I leave you now dear hypothetical reader with a video of Eli.

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My Daily Majestic Life

Totally Me

Yep, this is me. I’m sitting here, trying to write a letter, and I’m stuck on the first sentence. I hate that. I’m learning that sheer will power sucks if you get stuck on every shiny thing in the entire universe. So I’ve moved to writing this, hopefully it’ll get the writing juices going…and if not, I’m going to have to exercise to try that.

My new goal for this week, and yes it is a little random, but I’m trying not to say three words. You might be asking “well what three words are you trying not to say? Could they be curse words or other unpleasant things?” No dear hypothetical reader, they’re not curse words. In fact, you might use them more times than you could possibly remember; awesome, amazing, and ridiculous. I got the idea from another blog I was reading and when I stopped to think about how much I use these words, I was ashamed. I’m a 21 year old person with a fairly extensive vocabulary, and I can’t think of anything better to use than these three words more times than a teenie bopper says the word “like”? So if you catch me using these words, feel free to smack me upside the head (Kaitlin if you’re reading this, this does give you liberty to actually make it hurt).

In other news, I’m headed off to Otakon at the end of July. For you unfamiliar with all things nerdy and fantastic, Otakon is the second largest anime convention in the United States (thank you Wikipedia for your infinite pool of knowledge). It’s held in the inner harbor area of Baltimore, which is a (almost said ridiculously) wondrous, majestic area. I’m very excited to meet some people I’ve never met before even though I’ve talked to them for about a year now. I’m also looking forward to delicious, fresh seafood. Don’t worry, I’ll be taking millions of pictures, and probably boring you (dear hypothetical reader) by posting them up here.

I’ve just been notified that I never explained what a Himalayan salt block is. I’m terribly sorry for that.

top view

So here it is, 2 inch thick block of salty goodness mined from Pakistan where it had previously sat for thousands of years, and now it’s in my house. I first saw it on an episode of Iron Chef America (one of my very favorite shows) and I was like “I have to think of someone to buy this for so we can try it out.” Of course, that person was my Dad because he’s one of the best cooks I know. So I googled “weird salt thing seen on Iron Chef America” and I found this very cool website. They seem to be the only ones to tout these beauties so I ended up getting it from there.

side view so you can see how substantial this thing is

You can either serve cold dishes on it, or you can heat it up very slowly on a stove to cook things like scallops on it.

Slice apples and watermelon and garnish with mint on a pink slab of Himalayan salt to make a refreshing snack or salad course. Arrange raw sushi-grade Ahi tuna with some cold rice noodles on a chilled Himalayan salt brick and watch the edges of the fish turn pale and firm as it actually cures on the table! Heat a block Himalayan salt on the stove or over the barbeque and grill thin slices of flank steak and shrimp for a delicately salty surf and turf the likes of which you’ve never eaten.

This thing weighs like 12 pounds, so I have to think of a way to move it when it’s hot.

Alright, well now that I’ve written more than I was anticipating, it’s back to the salt mines! (I really apologize for that one, it was just so perfect!)


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Munchkin’s Growing Up So Fast!

It is impossible to write a blog on my phone. I tried, I really did, but it just took way too long and I had more to say than my patience level to write. If I were a smarter individual, I would write what I wanted to say on paper (archaic, I know) and then write it up when I’m at an actual computer.  I guess that goes to show you, as much as I love my phone, I hate living my life through a 4 inch screen.

Exciting news with Munchkin. He rolled over for the first time on Saturday! I got a video of him almost rolling over, but I was too busy living in the moment to remember to record it when he actually rolled over. That’s the number one I hear moms say. They were too tired, stressed, etc. to appreciate and live in the moment of their baby’s growth and development. I think that would be one of the saddest things for me, if I went through all of the stress and difficulty of having a baby, and then I don’t even get to appreciate how special my little Eli is.

dress from Dillards

shoes from Nordstrom Rack

In other news, I got my dress and shoes for Heather and Jordan’s wedding (that’s my brother and his fiance if you didn’t know). I kept forgetting that I was going to usher for them, so when Heather told me that she wanted me and my sister to wear the same color, it took me a second to figure out why 🙂 Thank goodness we don’t have to wear the same dress, it would’ve been the first seven years of my life all over again. That, and what Kaitlin would wear is not something I could/would wear.

I love my shoes though. They’re suede and very comfortable. I haven’t worn heels since I was like 3 months pregnant, and I was dying when I did. You might be asking though, “you’re really tall, why would you need heels?” Silly hypothetical reader, I don’t care if I tower over everyone else, and if I’m three inches taller than normal, what’s the difference?

I’m really excited for their wedding. It’s going to be at the base of the Super Bee at Copper Mountain and then the reception is a stone’s throw at Copper Station. I’ll also get to meet some other of Jordan’s college friends, which will be cool since I only ever went to his college once, and that was to drop him off his Freshman year.

Anyways, I leave you with a video of Eli almost rolling over, maybe when he’s doesn’t have a bottle in his mouth, or he’s sleeping, I’ll put him on his tummy to see if he does it again (he does both of these things a lot of he’s tired, which okay with me because then I can nap right along with him).

P.S. Just got Dad’s Father’s Day present. It’s a Himalayan salt block. More to come about what they are tomorrow!

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If I think too long for an awesome title, this will never get written

That’s the problem with having a habit getting stuck at the little things, you spend too much time thinking about them, and you never get to see the big picture. My motto lately has been “Done is better than perfect.” However, you are involved in an occupation that puts in you charge of other people’s safety, I would disregard that motto…completely.

It works like this, I wake up, go into the bathroom, look at myself and then every time I think something is wrong with me, I do something about it. “Don’t like those stretch marks? Go put on lotion.” “Sick of being the all mighty pale girl? Do some suntan lotion.”

So I stood on the scale this morning, and sometime between now, and the last time I weighed myself, I’ve lost 10 lbs. I was very excited about this because usually when I step on the scale, I have a feeling there’s this conspiracy against me and someone broke the scale. I also believe that I am more important than any number that scale will come up with, but it certainly helps knowing that all that hard work you’re putting into something is paying off.

Working out is getting easier too which is fantastic. Now that I know I can just motivate myself to do it and not drag my feet to do it every time I think about it, means more time feeling good about myself. However when I was doing my weight workout this morning, I seriously upchucked my cheerios (note to self, no cheerios for a while). I think the last time I thought I was going to puke because I was pushing myself so hard was in high school.

Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that last part, just in case you (o hypothetical reader) are sensitive about that sort of thing 😦

In other news, my Mom is coming home Monday!!! I’m so very excited, because it feels like forever since I’ve seen her.

I leave you with a video and a picture.

Xena wants to exercise too!

By the way, he farts at 1:23

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Today I Will Be Happier Than a Bird With a French Fry

Yes, that’s me, the one with the weird sayings and titles. I used to try to make people think, but now I try to make people smile. I find it a lot more rewarding. Anyways, the fire near here (named Duckett Fire after Duckett Creek) has grown to over 1000 acres. Pray for rain and for the safety of the fire fighters! Here you can see the scope of the fire. This picture was taken by a friend of photographer J.C. Leacock.

6/14/11 credit goes to Chris Ladoulis

As you can see, it’s dry here. The rest of the country deals with tornadoes, and we get forest fires. I’m not quite sure which one is worse.

I’ve taking to doing exercising in the morning, working under the belief that if you work out in the morning, your brain won’t know what you’re up too until it’s too late.

Other than those two things, not much has changed around here, so I’ll leave you with this, a video of Munchkin trying to stay awake!

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No Matter How Slow You Go, You’re Still Lapping Everyone on the Couch

Oh man, I woke up sore! It’s my legs that hurt which is a bit surprising considering that I definitely have more leg strength than arm strength. However, I do carry Munchkin around (and his diaper bag, and his car seat…) so maybe it’s not that surprising. I suppose sore days will be those days when I go out for a walk (which means, push Munchkin in his jogger so it’s more of a workout than just walking).

Other than that it’s been a fantastic day. Went to town to the Amphitheater and listened to some fantastic bluegrass played by Smythe and Taylor with guest Jack Saunders.  I made sandwiches and brought along some beer and pickles to enjoy. Although it was a little windy (okay make that way too windy), the weather was perfect.

Munchkin, as always, was a fantastic, calm baby even though he totally missed his afternoon nap(s) and fell asleep on the way home. He’s been asleep most of the time since except to wake up long enough for me to change his diaper and feed him. Now hopefully this doesn’t mean he’ll be up all night…

I’ve managed to actually tan this summer due to starting off with sunless spray tan and then moving to sunscreen at opportune moments (like 15 minutes after I’ve been in the sun). The idea is if I actually have a tan, maybe I won’t burn as much (yeah, right). This goes along with my recent obsession of looking good. Besides, I’m sick of being the pale girl.

We had an amazing sunset this evening, due to the fact that there is a fire on the far side of the Valley just North of the Lutheran Camp (not expecting you to know where that is). I quickly ran up the driveway (more like hobbled, but hey read the title of this post) and snapped a couple of photos with my trusty Android.

I leave you now with the best of those shots, I believe that is way cooler to see it in person, but this picture gives you a good idea 🙂

Yes, those are my Mother's lovely trailers in the foreground

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Wannabe (Milf)

So I added a new goal to my page titled Lists, Lists, Lists (or as Mom called it; the bucket list…which I hope is NOT a bucket list). I want to workout everyday for a month which goes along with my other goal of getting to target weight. In order to help me out, I decided to write this post about it (because remember hypothetical reader, this blog is for me :D).


This is me today after my first workout.

This is me two years ago. I would like to look like THIS again, and I know I can do it; I just have to get motivated.

You might be asking, “Megan, if you don’t like the way you look, why did you put up a picture of yourself?” Good question hypothetical reader! This is to help me track of where I’m at…and motivation. The first part about wanting to getting better is loving yourself enough to want that change. Also, hopefully by the end of this month-long goal, the end result will be AWESOME!

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