My first well written, fascinating blog post (not)

   So after spending nearly an hour pondering blog names, themes, header pictures (I love Google); and nearly another one contemplating what I was going to write about, changing Eli’s diaper (twice), and catchy post title names in which to entice you (the reader) to read my post in the first place; I think I’m ready to start.

   The whole problem with all of this is that is WAY too easy to customize and there are a lot of things to think about when starting a blog. This is one place where my tendency to jump into things head first without really thinking may have come in handy (although the idea of customizing widgets to perfection was tempting).

   Frankly, I’m surprised I got this far in the first day of this new adventure. In between feeling slightly guilty that I should probably doing other things (not guilty enough obviously) and having a two month baby who gets bored very easily, I was almost ready to call it quits. However, I’m practicing on following through on things so I’m committed.

  Here it goes. If you are looking for a cohesive, narrow ranged blog about so-and-so, you’re in the wrong spot. Also, if having perfect punctuation in a blog is important you, you are also in the wrong spot. I think the title says it all, this is an eclectic endeavour and I’m perfectly happy with that.

   So, about me. I’m 21 years old and I have a beautiful two month old who is the center of my life the moment he entered this world. I am currently living in God’s Country (also known as Westcliffe) with my parents on their small mountain ranchette. I took off approximately a year and a half of college in order to decide what really matters most to me (I think I’m almost there). My boyfriend/fiancée/significant other Scott is deploying to Afganistan in the Fall, hence the move back to where I spent some of my best years thus far.

   The reason why I created this blog is to cast off my thoughts into the void that is  the internet. No, really, I have no burning desire to be read or to be liked (although it certainly is a plus); I just have a passion for writing and technology (professed World of Warcraft addict in tentative rehabilitation) and blogs are hopefully what will bring me a sense of productivity and happiness.

   So signing off on my first blog post (I feel as if I have just cast off a small bottle with a message into the sea).


P.S. Thank God for spell check. I wouldn’t want to be seen as some country bumpkin incapable of spelling.


About hedb4325

Historian in Training, single Mom, Native Coloradoan, Cat Lover
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