pretty little lists

So instead of having a full post today; mainly because I couldn’t think of anything super meaningful to write, I’m going to work on something that will help me keep of track of things (hopefully). As I said before, I took off a year and a half of school; and even before I stopped going, I lost track of who I was and what’s important to me.

   I’m starting to rectify. In addition to discovering who I am now (I love being a Mommy), there are things I used to enjoy that I want to do again. So in the menu part of this blog I’m putting on ongoing list of things that I want to do both long-term and short-term; and who knows, maybe by the time I finish, I’ll have found something meaningful to write about 😉


About hedb4325

Historian in Training, single Mom, Native Coloradoan, Cat Lover
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