No Matter How Slow You Go, You’re Still Lapping Everyone on the Couch

Oh man, I woke up sore! It’s my legs that hurt which is a bit surprising considering that I definitely have more leg strength than arm strength. However, I do carry Munchkin around (and his diaper bag, and his car seat…) so maybe it’s not that surprising. I suppose sore days will be those days when I go out for a walk (which means, push Munchkin in his jogger so it’s more of a workout than just walking).

Other than that it’s been a fantastic day. Went to town to the Amphitheater and listened to some fantastic bluegrass played by Smythe and Taylor with guest Jack Saunders.  I made sandwiches and brought along some beer and pickles to enjoy. Although it was a little windy (okay make that way too windy), the weather was perfect.

Munchkin, as always, was a fantastic, calm baby even though he totally missed his afternoon nap(s) and fell asleep on the way home. He’s been asleep most of the time since except to wake up long enough for me to change his diaper and feed him. Now hopefully this doesn’t mean he’ll be up all night…

I’ve managed to actually tan this summer due to starting off with sunless spray tan and then moving to sunscreen at opportune moments (like 15 minutes after I’ve been in the sun). The idea is if I actually have a tan, maybe I won’t burn as much (yeah, right). This goes along with my recent obsession of looking good. Besides, I’m sick of being the pale girl.

We had an amazing sunset this evening, due to the fact that there is a fire on the far side of the Valley just North of the Lutheran Camp (not expecting you to know where that is). I quickly ran up the driveway (more like hobbled, but hey read the title of this post) and snapped a couple of photos with my trusty Android.

I leave you now with the best of those shots, I believe that is way cooler to see it in person, but this picture gives you a good idea 🙂

Yes, those are my Mother's lovely trailers in the foreground


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1 Response to No Matter How Slow You Go, You’re Still Lapping Everyone on the Couch

  1. Lenore says:

    Your title tickles me! And it is such wisdom…so true…and amazing fact (even scientifically and mathmatically) I can substantiate this because my laps have been taken from the couch with my swollen ankle elevated. I’ve not gone far!

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