Today I Will Be Happier Than a Bird With a French Fry

Yes, that’s me, the one with the weird sayings and titles. I used to try to make people think, but now I try to make people smile. I find it a lot more rewarding. Anyways, the fire near here (named Duckett Fire after Duckett Creek) has grown to over 1000 acres. Pray for rain and for the safety of the fire fighters! Here you can see the scope of the fire. This picture was taken by a friend of photographer J.C. Leacock.

6/14/11 credit goes to Chris Ladoulis

As you can see, it’s dry here. The rest of the country deals with tornadoes, and we get forest fires. I’m not quite sure which one is worse.

I’ve taking to doing exercising in the morning, working under the belief that if you work out in the morning, your brain won’t know what you’re up too until it’s too late.

Other than those two things, not much has changed around here, so I’ll leave you with this, a video of Munchkin trying to stay awake!


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Historian in Training, single Mom, Native Coloradoan, Cat Lover
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