If I think too long for an awesome title, this will never get written

That’s the problem with having a habit getting stuck at the little things, you spend too much time thinking about them, and you never get to see the big picture. My motto lately has been “Done is better than perfect.” However, you are involved in an occupation that puts in you charge of other people’s safety, I would disregard that motto…completely.

It works like this, I wake up, go into the bathroom, look at myself and then every time I think something is wrong with me, I do something about it. “Don’t like those stretch marks? Go put on lotion.” “Sick of being the all mighty pale girl? Do some suntan lotion.”

So I stood on the scale this morning, and sometime between now, and the last time I weighed myself, I’ve lost 10 lbs. I was very excited about this because usually when I step on the scale, I have a feeling there’s this conspiracy against me and someone broke the scale. I also believe that I am more important than any number that scale will come up with, but it certainly helps knowing that all that hard work you’re putting into something is paying off.

Working out is getting easier too which is fantastic. Now that I know I can just motivate myself to do it and not drag my feet to do it every time I think about it, means more time feeling good about myself. However when I was doing my weight workout this morning, I seriously upchucked my cheerios (note to self, no cheerios for a while). I think the last time I thought I was going to puke because I was pushing myself so hard was in high school.

Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that last part, just in case you (o hypothetical reader) are sensitive about that sort of thing 😦

In other news, my Mom is coming home Monday!!! I’m so very excited, because it feels like forever since I’ve seen her.

I leave you with a video and a picture.

Xena wants to exercise too!

By the way, he farts at 1:23


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