Munchkin’s Growing Up So Fast!

It is impossible to write a blog on my phone. I tried, I really did, but it just took way too long and I had more to say than my patience level to write. If I were a smarter individual, I would write what I wanted to say on paper (archaic, I know) and then write it up when I’m at an actual computer.  I guess that goes to show you, as much as I love my phone, I hate living my life through a 4 inch screen.

Exciting news with Munchkin. He rolled over for the first time on Saturday! I got a video of him almost rolling over, but I was too busy living in the moment to remember to record it when he actually rolled over. That’s the number one I hear moms say. They were too tired, stressed, etc. to appreciate and live in the moment of their baby’s growth and development. I think that would be one of the saddest things for me, if I went through all of the stress and difficulty of having a baby, and then I don’t even get to appreciate how special my little Eli is.

dress from Dillards

shoes from Nordstrom Rack

In other news, I got my dress and shoes for Heather and Jordan’s wedding (that’s my brother and his fiance if you didn’t know). I kept forgetting that I was going to usher for them, so when Heather told me that she wanted me and my sister to wear the same color, it took me a second to figure out why 🙂 Thank goodness we don’t have to wear the same dress, it would’ve been the first seven years of my life all over again. That, and what Kaitlin would wear is not something I could/would wear.

I love my shoes though. They’re suede and very comfortable. I haven’t worn heels since I was like 3 months pregnant, and I was dying when I did. You might be asking though, “you’re really tall, why would you need heels?” Silly hypothetical reader, I don’t care if I tower over everyone else, and if I’m three inches taller than normal, what’s the difference?

I’m really excited for their wedding. It’s going to be at the base of the Super Bee at Copper Mountain and then the reception is a stone’s throw at Copper Station. I’ll also get to meet some other of Jordan’s college friends, which will be cool since I only ever went to his college once, and that was to drop him off his Freshman year.

Anyways, I leave you with a video of Eli almost rolling over, maybe when he’s doesn’t have a bottle in his mouth, or he’s sleeping, I’ll put him on his tummy to see if he does it again (he does both of these things a lot of he’s tired, which okay with me because then I can nap right along with him).

P.S. Just got Dad’s Father’s Day present. It’s a Himalayan salt block. More to come about what they are tomorrow!


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2 Responses to Munchkin’s Growing Up So Fast!

  1. Eli Is soooo adorable!

    • Lenore says:

      This (blog) is such a perfect way to stop time’s advance…if only long enough to record the event….it WILL help you celebrate the moments in Eli’s life!

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