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Yep, this is me. I’m sitting here, trying to write a letter, and I’m stuck on the first sentence. I hate that. I’m learning that sheer will power sucks if you get stuck on every shiny thing in the entire universe. So I’ve moved to writing this, hopefully it’ll get the writing juices going…and if not, I’m going to have to exercise to try that.

My new goal for this week, and yes it is a little random, but I’m trying not to say three words. You might be asking “well what three words are you trying not to say? Could they be curse words or other unpleasant things?” No dear hypothetical reader, they’re not curse words. In fact, you might use them more times than you could possibly remember; awesome, amazing, and ridiculous. I got the idea from another blog I was reading and when I stopped to think about how much I use these words, I was ashamed. I’m a 21 year old person with a fairly extensive vocabulary, and I can’t think of anything better to use than these three words more times than a teenie bopper says the word “like”? So if you catch me using these words, feel free to smack me upside the head (Kaitlin if you’re reading this, this does give you liberty to actually make it hurt).

In other news, I’m headed off to Otakon at the end of July. For you unfamiliar with all things nerdy and fantastic, Otakon is the second largest anime convention in the United States (thank you Wikipedia for your infinite pool of knowledge). It’s held in the inner harbor area of Baltimore, which is a (almost said ridiculously) wondrous, majestic area. I’m very excited to meet some people I’ve never met before even though I’ve talked to them for about a year now. I’m also looking forward to delicious, fresh seafood. Don’t worry, I’ll be taking millions of pictures, and probably boring you (dear hypothetical reader) by posting them up here.

I’ve just been notified that I never explained what a Himalayan salt block is. I’m terribly sorry for that.

top view

So here it is, 2 inch thick block of salty goodness mined from Pakistan where it had previously sat for thousands of years, and now it’s in my house. I first saw it on an episode of Iron Chef America (one of my very favorite shows) and I was like “I have to think of someone to buy this for so we can try it out.” Of course, that person was my Dad because he’s one of the best cooks I know. So I googled “weird salt thing seen on Iron Chef America” and I found this very cool website. They seem to be the only ones to tout these beauties so I ended up getting it from there.

side view so you can see how substantial this thing is

You can either serve cold dishes on it, or you can heat it up very slowly on a stove to cook things like scallops on it.

Slice apples and watermelon and garnish with mint on a pink slab of Himalayan salt to make a refreshing snack or salad course. Arrange raw sushi-grade Ahi tuna with some cold rice noodles on a chilled Himalayan salt brick and watch the edges of the fish turn pale and firm as it actually cures on the table! Heat a block Himalayan salt on the stove or over the barbeque and grill thin slices of flank steak and shrimp for a delicately salty surf and turf the likes of which you’ve never eaten.

This thing weighs like 12 pounds, so I have to think of a way to move it when it’s hot.

Alright, well now that I’ve written more than I was anticipating, it’s back to the salt mines! (I really apologize for that one, it was just so perfect!)



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  1. Ron says:

    Well…Inner Harbor is alright, but I wouldn’t get too excited 😛

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