Spray Paint and Turtle Backpacks

Otakon in 16 days!!

awesome, but blurry photo

I had to get that off my mind, I’m just so darn excited about it! In the next couple of days I should ramp up my anime watching so I at least know what some of the cosplay stuff is. I got my ninja turtle backpack finally. It’s so sweet. Please see blurry photo for reference. It’s quite roomy on the inside and seemingly very sturdy. I plan on taking it to college but my primary purpose for it is Okaton. Did I mention it came with all four masks? They are felt and I probably could have made them myself if I weren’t so DIY lazy, but I was getting the backpack anyways so it was an added bonus. Call me a nerd, but if you watched this TV show when you were younger, you’re probably incredibly envious.

I really should write more often, because I have more things to say, than patience to write it all down. Eli can now grab his ankle and bring his foot to his mouth. I have to make sure to keep his feet clean even though he can’t walk. What I want to know is how can his feet be so dirty if he’s just doing butterfly kicks? He also sticks his tongue out quite profusely which is adorable. It’s so crazy that less then four months ago, he couldn’t do anything. 

In other news, I finally got around to painting my table and chairs. They were all sanded and ready to go, but I just couldn’t get around to doing it. In retrospect, I can see why. It took much longer than I was expecting (it’s always that way I know, I just can’t help but underestimate my own inefficiency). Also, it was hot and I was wearing latex gloves so I wouldn’t ruin my nails (ugh, I’ve become that person I know). The hard work paid off though; the whole ensemble looks very bright and cheerful. I need to lightly sand the top of the table and put a coat of varnish on it, but I’m pretending at the moment that I’m never going to scratch it.

I know I only have three chairs

I leave you now dear hypothetical reader with a video of Eli.


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