Eli smiling for the camera

This is my adorable (I’m slightly biased) little boy, Elijah James. Eli enjoys sleeping, his bottle, showing how strong he is, and long drives in the car. His favorite music seems to be bluegrass and Lady Gaga. Since his parents are both over six feet, look for basketball or football in his future.

Scott at Rocky Mountain National Park

Scott is currently in California working at John Wayne Airport. He is also an Infantryman preparing for an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan with the Michigan National Guard. He’s already served one tour to Iraq. After Afghanistan he plans on attending college to pursue a career in nursing. He’s my best friend and we enjoy being random, playing video games, and playing trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings (we’re an exciting couple, I know). His favorite food is spaghetti although as long as he has food he will like, he will be adventurous with anything I order. We argue about whether rap is good or not (it’s not), but we also share a common like for rock music.

On my birthday at the Broadmoor Hotel

And finally, me. I’ll keep it short because you’ll probably have a better idea about who I am in blogs than any blurb I could write here. I’m 21 years old and; music, food, reading, video games, travelling, and Scrabble are some of my interests. I’m currently located in Westcliffe, Colorado with my parents in order to save money when Scott deploys. I have this blog in order to put my ideas and experiences into words and also to help me rediscover myself and what’s important to me. Consider it to be therapeutic.


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