Lists, Lists, Lists

  1. Take a painting class
  2. Finish my Spanish Minor
  3. Get my degree
  4. Travel outside the country
  5. Get into music again
  6. More self confidence
  7. Run a race
  8. Get to my target weight
  9. Go on a shopping spree to celebrate
  10. Learn a new activity
  11. Do something out of my comfort level
  12. Have the perfect wedding
  13. Be satisfied with what I have
  14. Take advantage of opportunities
  15. Meet new people
  16. Start skiing again
  17. Cook once a week
  18. Take a jewelry making class with Mom
  19. Learn how to sew
  20. Make a quilt
  21. Plan a baby shower for someone
  22. Exercise everyday for a month

2 Responses to Lists, Lists, Lists

  1. Paige Whitmore says:

    This is a wonderful list Megan. =] Inspires me to make my own ongoing list!
    I hope you get to finish everything on the list and I would LOVE to help you cross off some of those things on your list too!!!! =D

  2. hedb4325 says:

    Thanks, Paige. I’ve been writing a lot of lists lately as part of trying to get back on track, and I decided I needed one for FUN/long term things that I wanted to do, and of course, some of these are meant to be shared 🙂

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